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The awards received at the 28th Fajr International Film Festival in-Tehran (2010)

At the 28th Fajr International Film Festival, “The Kingdom of Solomon” was nominated for 9awards in the National section and won 5Crystal Simorghs which are as follows:

Nominated Won
The best picture(Mojtaba faravardeh)
The best director(Shahriar Bahrani)
The best cinematographer (Hamid Khozoui Abyane)
The best music(Chan Kwong Wing) The best music Crystal Simorgh
The best costume and stage designer(Abdolhamid Ghadirian)
The best sound effects            (Kinson Tsang) The best sound effects Crystal Simorgh
The best visual effects(Leo Lo) The best visual effects Crystal Simorgh
The best make up(Saeed Malekan) The best make up Crystal Simorgh
The best supporting actor        (Mehdi Faghih) The best supporting actor Crystal Simorgh


The Festival’s Golden Plaque Award


The Golden Flag (Mostafa Eghad’s Award)

In the International section of festival


Selected by “the Association of Muslim Journalists” as the best film

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